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Album illustration by  Michael Blank . Album Packaging Design by  The Splinter Group

Album illustration by Michael Blank. Album Packaging Design by The Splinter Group

Available September 15th, 2017
Gin & Moonlight is Joe Smith & The Spicy Pickles' third studio album. This is the first album by the band that features a vocalist. Seasoned jazz vocalist, Jessy Carolina, offers a timeless sound full of subtlety and distinct originality. The album also features Cara Griffith, the band's Denver based vocalist, as well as an original song written and sung by Joe Smith. Featuring both classics and originals, Gin & Moonlightfeatures the largest group of Spicy Pickles yet.

The album was produced by Dan Barrett and Joe Smith. Recorded at Mighty Fine Productions in Denver, with Colin Bricker tracking. Edited by Chris Guillot of Cherry Sound Studios. Mixed and Mastered by Grammy winner Gene Paul of G&J Audio.

Gin & Moonlight was released by Cuttin' Records

Artwork by Kate Hazen copyright 2015

Artwork by Kate Hazen copyright 2015


Recorded in May of 2015, an album of all original swing music inspired by the classic small group sound of the late 1930's and early 40's. The concept behind "High-Fidelity" is to provide a smart recording of new, danceable tunes for the swing and blues communities. The album aims to give dancers and listeners alike more of what they love, but haven't heard before. The bandleader and self-admitted purist, Joe Smith, deliberately cut out all of the excessive noise that detracts from the album's primary objective: delivering quality music. Devoid of crowd funding, pretentious artwork, and politics, the music speaks for itself. With the debut of "High-Fidelity", the Pickles bring forth the band's identity. They do not intend to merely mimic the greats, but aspire to create new tunes that celebrate the refined spirit of pre-war swing and entertainment. Written with historic acumen in composition, arrangement, tempo, rhythm, and sound quality - along with true vintage instruments and set-up - the band crafts an accurate and authentic sound that reintroduces American swing to a new generation.  

This album features 12 original tracks written by Elijah Samuels, Joe Smith, and Prescott Blackler, recorded in full-stereo sound. Recorded by Colin Bricker at Mighty Fine Productions in Denver, Colorado. Mixed by Joseph Chudyk and Prescott Blackler, Produced by Joe Smith, and Mastered by Nick Moon at Tone Proper Studios in Portland, Oregon.


Artwork by Kate Hazen copyright 2014

Artwork by Kate Hazen copyright 2014

Rocky Mountain High

Recorded in April of 2014, and released on June 10th, This EP was recorded with special guest Michael Faltesek of Falty & The Defects (Seattle, WA) on guitar and vocals. This six-track EP was recorded at Immersive Recording studio in Boulder, CO.

Tracked by Ryan Hudson and mixed & mastered by Prescott Blackler.


Extra Spicy

The band's first EP after the move to Denver, was recorded in December of 2013. This CD features five-tracks of traditional New Orleans jazz and early swing. Recorded at Decibel Garden in Denver, CO.

This EP was tracked by Ian Kelsall and mixed & mastered by Prescott Blackler.